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Man With Twin Living Inside Him -- A Medical Mystery Classic

A proud mother's twin heavyweight champions

Cancer-stricken mother who was told to choose between chemotherapy and her unborn twins gives birth to healthy baby girls in Delhi

Doctors stunned by the twins who share the same brain, can hear each other's thoughts and see through each other's eyes

Conjoined twins Krista and Tatiana have stunned the world's medical experts by seeing through each other's eyes.
The pretty four-year-old twins have two separate bodies but share the same brain.
The girls have a conjoined thalamus, the part of the brain that sends physical sensations and motor functions to the cerebral cortex, allowing them to hear each other's thoughts and see through each other's eyes.

Yes, you really are seeing double!

Örömmámorban úszik a New-York-i házaspár, akik hármas ikreikkel megütötték az 1:50 millióhoz esélyt!

New York parents elated over birth of triplets, beating odds of 1 in 50 million

Seattle twins give 'hilarious' response when mother catches them on baby monitor not sleeping

Woman Learns She Had Embryo Of Unborn Twin In Her Brain

Woman gives birth to her twin sister's baby

Twin flight attendants fool passengers, and even their own boyfriends


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