Book Recommendation: Twins: Webster's Image and Photographic History

This book represents an image and photographic history dedicated to "twins". Images cover the period from 1825 to the present. It is a historical compilation from a variety of sources with a linguistic emphasis on any image relating to the term "twins," including alternative meanings and inflections which capture ambiguities in usage. These furthermore cover all parts of speech (noun, proper noun, verb, adverb or adjective usage) as well as use in modern slang, pop culture, social sciences (linguistics, history, geography, economics, sociology, political science), business, computer science, literature, law, medicine, psychology, mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology and other physical sciences. This selection process results in many unexpected entries for a image collection on twins, since editorial decisions to include or exclude images is purely a linguistic process. The dating of the images is either the year taken, the year published, or a numerical value found in the title or credit (e.g. the sorting by years may not be related to the years when the images were originally produced). Original image orientation is generally used. The images are used under license or with permission, used under "fair use" conditions, used in agreement with the original authors, or are in the public domain. Some images have not been cropped, to retain margin information, and/or to show original condition. Proceeds from this book are used to expand the content and coverage of Webster's Online Dictionary (

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