A Week After They Adopted Their Children, This Couple Got Some Life-Changing News

Sarah and Andy Justice from Tulsa, Oklahoma, were one of those happy couples who wanted to have kids more than anything else in the world. However, after years of trying to get pregnant they realized that adoption was their only chance.

They went through the long adoption process and were finally given the opportunity to have children. The rest of their emotional and touching story seems more like a movie than real life.
Their Dream
Andy and Sarah Justice wanted to become parents more than anything else in the world. They’ve been trying to have a baby for a very long time, but after consulting with doctors they realized that Sarah couldn't get pregnant.

After facing the harsh reality, the couple decided to adopt. They applied at an adoption agency and started the demanding, long, and frustrating process. At first their case needed to be reviewed and approved. They then needed to undergo a home study before even getting on the waiting list.
The Perfect Couple
Sarah and Andy enjoyed spending time together. They had a loving and nurturing relationship based on trust and support. They had a great time together, just the two of them, but naturally there came a time when they wanted to add to their experience.

Both Sarah and Andy always knew they wanted to have kids and felt it was the perfect time for them to start a family of their own. However, their happiness and excitement was soon eclipsed by the bad news.
Consulting a Specialist
Sarah and Andy were trying to conceive on their own for quite some time. When the couple realized that something was wrong, they decided to consult a fertility specialist. Their hometown, Tulsa, Oklahoma was big enough, but the couple still couldn’t find an expert who could help them out. That’s when they decided to fly all the way to St. Louis. They were determined to have a child and it seemed like nothing could stop them.
Bad News
When Sarah and Andy left their home in Tulsa, Oklahoma to go to St. Louis, Missouri, they were more than hopeful that the doctor they found would be able to help them conceive their first child. It was a long trip and they drove an additional six hours to finally get to the fertility clinic. Unfortunately, after undergoing several thorough examinations they received the worst possible news. Based on the results, their doctor believed that Sarah’s chances of getting pregnant were very slim.
In Vitro Fertilization
According to doctors, Sarah and Andy were good candidates for in vitro fertilization treatments. However, they had about a 10% chance of actually getting pregnant. The odds were not in their favor. In addition to this, the doctor explained that these treatments were pretty invasive and also very expensive.

It looked like in-vitro fertilization simply wasn't the best option for the young couple. Luckily, the Justices had another plan on their mind in case something like this happened.
Expensive Procedure
In vitro fertilization is a very expensive procedure. The cost of just one basic IVF cycle can range between $12,000 and $15,000, and these treatments are rarely covered by medical insurance. To add insult to injury, one IVF cycle is usually not enough to get pregnant. Which meant that the couple had to spend at least $30,000 to $60,000 to get pregnant. In the end, nobody gave any assurances that the treatment would actually be successful.

That's why the Justices looked at another option - adoption.
Not Giving Up
Even though the Justices couldn’t have a child of their own, they weren’t willing to give up on the idea of becoming parents. They knew that the adoption process was going to be extremely difficult and that it could be years before they could actually adopt a child. Still, they were willing to start this long and tiring process. In spite of all these obstacles, Sarah and Andy were relentless and nothing could change their mind.

Once they applied at the adoption agency and their application was approved, Sarah and Andy had to go through a home study. After the study was completed there was only one thing left to do – interview potential birth mothers. This last task was also the most difficult to undertake. Their dreams of becoming parents depended almost entirely on these interviews and they were naturally extremely emotional and intense.

After they were finished with interview stage, there was nothing more that the couple could do, but the adoption process was still far from being over.
Great News
After all the troubles they went through, Sarah and Andy finally received some good news. They learned that one of the birth mothers they had interviewed for, decided to give them her baby for adoption. Apparently the mother liked the Justices very much and the couple was over the moon happy after receiving this wonderful news.

They were willing to support the birth mother throughout her pregnancy and help her go through this process until the very end. But things didn’t go as smoothly as they hoped.
Another Heartbreak
Just when Sarah and Andy thought that their troubles were gone and they were finally going to become parents, something unexpected happened. The birth mother they had planned on adopting from changed her mind at the last minute and decided to keep her baby instead. Despite this being a perfectly rational decision and probably the best one for the baby, the Justices were heartbroken. Their dream shattered once again, but they weren’t ready to give up on it just yet.

Starting Over
In spite all their disappointments, Sarah and Andy knew they had to keep on fighting for their family. They contacted the adoption agency again and asked to continue the adoption process.

The Justices had to go through several more interviews, and after a few months another potential birth mother had chosen them. Unfortunately, the same thing happened once again and she, too, decided to keep her baby. Sarah and Andy were starting to lose hope, as it seemed that their dream was never going to come true.
Sarah and Andy were taking one hit after another and it was hard not to be discouraged at this point. The only thing that gave them the strength to go through this tiring process was their vision of being parents. That's how the couple managed to persevere, and kept on going. The Justices had hoped that their dream would eventually become a reality, which was why they never gave up. They were right to do so. Only a short while after the second birth mother backed out, they received another call.

One More Phone Call
After finding out that they couldn’t conceive naturally and being let down by the adoption agency twice and at the very last minute, the Justices still weren't going to give up. They somehow knew they were destined to be parents, but after everything they’ve been through, it was hard to stay positive.

But then, something amazing happened. They received a call from the agency and found out that another pregnant woman had chosen them to be the parents of her unborn child. It felt like things were going to be different this time.
A Big Surprise
Sarah and Andy couldn’t wait to meet the potential birth mother and things went great! Not only did they like each other, but she also invited them to join her in an ultrasound appointment.

Little did they know that they were in for another great surprise! While they were at the doctor’s office, they noticed something odd with the scan. The ultrasound showed that there was more than just one heartbeat, which meant that the Justices were going to have more than one baby.
One, Two, Three!
The Justices, the birth mother, and the doctor were all looking at the ultrasound scan when they realized there was not one, but three separate heartbeats on the monitor. They were in complete shock.

After everything they’ve been through to adopt their first child, finding out that they could go home with three babies left them in disbelief. Some people would be tempted to back out, but the Justices knew that they were meant to raise all three of these babies.
Even though Sarah and Andy had been trying to have kids for years, they weren’t expecting to have three babies at once. Having triplets doesn’t happen that often, especially if you’re looking to adopt. This was totally unexpected, so the Justices had to get the nursery ready as quickly as possible.

Preparing for three babies at once is a full time job in and of itself, but Sarah and Andy were more than thrilled to get going. After all, they hoped to have more than one kid and having triplets meant they wouldn’t have to adopt more than once.
The House Is Ready
Three babies are a lot of work, and the couple had to hurry and get the house ready for the moment their babies arrived. There were so many things that had to be done and had to be bought, such as cribs, strollers, diapers, pacifiers, bottles and more. The house also had to be baby proofed once the triplets start crawling. It was a stressful time, but also very exciting, preparing for the moment they would finally become a family.

Premature Labor
Their plans of adopting may have been postponed several times, but when it came to labor, everything happened sooner than they expected. Their birth mother had gone into labor eight weeks earlier than expected, but this was still normal and nothing to worry about.

Sarah and Andy hurried to the hospital to meet the birth mother and be there for the special moment. After hours of waiting, the Justices found out that they finally became parents to Hannah, Joel, and Elizabeth.
Intensive Care
Hannah, Joel, and Elizabeth were born eight weeks earlier than planned, so they had to be placed in the neonatal intensive care unit. This was only for a while, until they were strong enough to be with their parents. Just like other babies, the triplets grew really fast and those few weeks they spent in intensive care flew by fast. Everything was going by plan and the babies were soon strong and healthy enough to go home with Sarah and Andy.

Feeling Sick
Only a week after they became parents, Sarah noticed something was wrong. She was feeling sick and assumed this was the result of all the stress they’ve been through. Going through a long and difficult adoption process and the premature birth of their three babies certainly had an impact on her health. But just to make sure that everything was all right and that it was safe to bring their babies home, Sarah and Andy went to a doctor. It turned out that the reason why Sarah was feeling under the weather didn’t have to do with stress…
The doctor came back with the results. It appeared that nothing was wrong with Sarah and she wasn’t ill at all. In fact, she was pregnant.

The news was shocking. Sarah and Andy were trying to conceive naturally for so many years and they spent all that time waiting to adopt a baby. Now that all of those troubles were behind them and they adopted three kids – Sarah was pregnant! This was the most surprising news they could’ve received, but that their surprise didn’t end there.
Double the Fun
The thought of having a biological child was unbelievable in and of itself. After learning that she couldn’t have a baby of her own, Sarah was somehow pregnant. But this wasn’t the biggest surprise for the Justices. Sarah wasn't just pregnant, the results showed that she was going to give birth to twins!

All of this only a week after they came home with the triplets. And while some couples would feel scared or freaked out, the Justices felt blessed.
Over the Moon
Andy and Sarah couldn't believe the irony of their situation - they were over the moon happy to have adopted the triplets and now they were expecting twins! Their lives changed overnight and the news that they were going to have five children under their roof was overwhelming. Raising five babies at once was going to be quite a challenge so they needed to prepare and plan ahead. Nevertheless, they couldn't wait to finally join their children.
Birth Mother
Time went by so quickly, and nine months later, Sarah went to the hospital to give birth to their twins. The labor was long and hard, but the babies were born without any complications.

Once the Justices saw the faces of their newborn babies, their hardships could matter less. Two new babies, Andrew and Abigail, joined their big and happy family. Sarah and Andy were finally living their dream and could settle down with their children.

A Lot of Work
Raising five children is lot of work and requires patience, especially when they’re all babies. They say raising a baby takes a village. This was five times harder so Sarah and Andy needed all the help they could get.

Luckily, their family, friends, and the whole community were very supportive and pitched in whenever they could. Tulsa's Eastland Baptist Church helped the Justices by donating food and community members were generous to cook meals and send baby formula to the family.
With a Little Help
Fortunately, Sarah and Andy had many friends that were willing to help them and they all offered to babysit the children while Sarah and Andy were at work. Once the story about the couple with five babies spread, the Justices also started receiving donations from kind strangers. Generous people were sending diapers, bottles, clothes, blankets, and other necessities that helped the family out.

The Justices needed 300 diapers and 84 bottles each week, so they were grateful for all the help they could get.
Painting Their Nails
It might sound funny, but having five babies all at once is overwhelming and even their parents sometimes have a hard time recognizing them. This also makes sense if you consider the fact that Sarah and Andy were sleep deprived all the time and under a lot of stress.

That’s why they had to work out a system to make sure they won’t accidentally mix up the children. They used different nail polishes to paint their babies' toenails. This way they were sure they won’t make any mistakes.
Going Viral
The amazing story of Andy and Sarah Justice's growing family was unbelievable as it was inspiring, which is why it didn't take long for it to go viral.

The Justices’ story first spread on Facebook and thousands of people started following them on social media. Later on, other news outlets and blogs picked up the story and the Justices became pretty famous. But their story was far from over. Fate had some more surprises in store for the young parents.
Baby One More Time
In 2015, the Justices got another surprise. Sarah found out she was pregnant once again. One more time they'd beaten the odds, in spite of everything doctors said. In 2016, they welcomed their sixth baby to their family.

For any other couple, six kids may sound like a lot. Sarah and Andy, on the other hand, were over the moon. “It was something we’ve wanted so badly that we love it. We just really love having these children," Sarah said on the Today Show.
Easy as ABC
After having raised five babies at once, adding one more child to the family was almost unnoticeable for the Justices. After all they went through, Sarah and Andy were used to being busy and tired all the time, so this wasn't such a big change for them.

This time it was actually easier, because they got to see what it's like taking care of a baby without any brothers or sisters his age. Still, this didn't mean that the Justices didn't face any problems.
Six Kids Under One Roof
When you have so many kids living under the same roof, even the simplest of things, like remembering their names, can be tricky. Here's a quick rundown: their oldest children, the triplets, are called Joel, Hannah and Elizabeth; the twins are nine months younger and their names are Abigail and Andrew; and the youngest child is called Caleb.

Taking care of the kids made Sarah and Andy extremely happy, and they always had time for fun family activities. One of those is seen on the photo below: the Fourth of July celebrations.
It's Never Boring
Caleb was born when the triplets had turned four years old and the twins were three and a half. Even though the age difference is only a few years, it was more than enough to make a huge relief for the parents. The triplets and twins were finally potty trained, so their parents didn't have to worry about that anymore.

Still, it was never boring in the Justice house. The kids were active all day long and very loud, but Sarah and Andy loved that.
People wanted to hear the story of how Sarah and Andy became parents and the couple had many interview requests. Sarah talked about their unique experience in an interview with Babyology."Having a number of children is a dream come true. When you wait for something you appreciate it that much more when you get it," she said.

The years of struggling with starting their own family prepared the Justices to appreciate everything they’ve been given and enjoy every moment they had with their children.
When you have a child, you go through and experience their many different stages in growth, and the changes and challenges that come along. All those challenges were bigger for the Oklahoma couple. When their kids were growing from cribs to toddler beds they had to buy more than just one or two pieces of furniture. “Having five in toddler beds is an adventure. But we are getting there," Sarah said. This, of course, wasn't the only challenge that required a logistic solution.

A Strict Schedule
We don't have to stress how organized you have to be when you have that many kids. Sarah and Andy had a very strict schedule they had to stick to, otherwise they'd be living in complete chaos.

What did their schedule look like? Early in the morning, the family would go for a walk and later they would spread the kids around friends and family. After their playdates with other children were finished, the Justices would spend some quality time together in their home.
Potty Breaks
Only parents understand how much patience, attention, and attentiveness is needed when potty training your toddler. But we guess that the Justices are among the few people in the world who know what it's like to do this with five kids at the same time.

Bathroom breaks were a big and important part of their daily schedule. "Potty breaks are a big part of our day when you have five children at the same life stage," Sarah told Babyology.
Never Alone
The best thing about having a big family with six children is that Sarah and Andy knew their kids would never be alone in this world. The Justice kids will always have someone to depend on and in school they always had someone to play or sit with at lunch.

“We never lack playmates and work to promote love and care between the siblings," Sarah said. "Our children will always have a friend and will never need to feel lonely.”
Little Helpers
A few years ago, the Justices had a very difficult time taking care of five babies at the same time. But now that baby Caleb came along, the situation was completely reversed, as they had a lot of little helpers in the house.

Their five children “absolutely adore their baby Caleb" (said Sarah) and are always there to play with him. Even though they are still young themselves, they like watching over him and shower him with love and attention all the time.
Their Unbelievable Story
Sarah and Andy’s story of how they became parents of six beautiful and healthy children is truly unbelievable. It almost sounds like a fairytale. After years of praying to have a child of their own, and being told that this was impossible, they turned into parents of six almost overnight.

Now that Caleb fitted right in, they had nothing to worry about. “He has the best fan club ever and we cannot imagine life without the sweetest, most loved little guy in the world," Sarah told Babyology.
Justice Is Served
The Justices had gone through some very harrowing experiences on their journey to become parents. Being told they were barren and then, having their prospective adopted babies taken away from them - twice! - would be enough for almost anyone to give up on their dream. But after all the sadness and frustration the Justices have endured, it seems like they've finally gotten some much deserved justice of their own - in the form of a beautiful, happy and healthy family.

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