Twin Research for Everyone From Biology to Health, Epigenetics, and Psychology

Twin Research for Everyone
From Biology to Health, Epigenetics, and Psychology
1st Edition - August 17, 2022
Academic Press
Edited by Adam D. Tarnoki (Editor), David L. Tarnoki (Editor), Jennifer Harris (Editor), Nancy L. Segal (Editor)

Twin Research: Biology, Health, Epigenetics, and Psychology is a comprehensive, applied resource in twinning and twin studies that is grounded in the most impactful findings from twin research in recent years. While targeted to undergraduate and graduate students, this compendium will prove a valuable resource for scholars already familiar with twin studies, as well as those coming to the field for the first time. Here, more than forty experts across an array of disciplines examine twinning and twin research methodologies from the perspectives of biology, medicine, genetic and epigenetic influences, and neuroscience. Chapters provide clear instruction in both basic and advanced research methods, family and parenting aspects of twinning, twin studies as applied across various disease areas and medical specialties, genetic and epigenetic determinants of differentiation, and academic, neurological and cognitive development.

The presentation of existing studies and methods instruction empowers students and researchers to apply twin-based research and advance new studies across a range of biomedical and behavioral fields, highlighting current research trends and future directions.

Offers unique insights into twinning rates, mechanisms and factors surrounding twinship
Provides clear instruction on both basic and advanced twin research methods and study design
Features leading international experts in twin biology, genetics, health and psychology
Examines findings from recent twin studies across a broad array of health and behavioral studies