Welcome to the website of the Hungarian Twin Registry!

Welcome to the website of the Hungarian Twin Registry! Currently, the voluntary Hungarian Twin Registry consists of more than 600 adult twin pairs and multiplets. Current research focuses mainly on cardiovascular and respiratory health and yielded multiple awards and publications. Efforts are on the way to expand into social, psychological, and obesity studies. The work of our registry has been awarded at multiple conferences, without your registration our work would not be so successful.
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Tárnoki Dávid 2022, November 18 - 23:43

The first quintuplets girls born in the United States were born in Texas in 2015.

This is the first time in world history that this has happened since 1969.

In an instant, Adam and Daniela Busby became parents to a large number of children.

The probability of the birth of such babies is one chance in 48 million, so a lot of attention was focused on the babies.

The Busby couple has always dreamed of a big family, their eldest daughter was born two years after the wedding, but it took Daneela a long time to get pregnant.

Tárnoki Dávid 2022, November 15 - 23:56

TWINS Congress 2023
The Joint 6th World Congress
on Twin Pregnancy:
a Global Perspective
The 18th Congress of the International
Society for Twin Studies (ISTS)
15-17 June 2023
Budapest, Hungary
See you at TWINS Congress 2023, Budapest!

Main Topics:

Tárnoki Dávid 2022, November 15 - 23:52

Twin Research for Everyone
From Biology to Health, Epigenetics, and Psychology
1st Edition - August 17, 2022
Academic Press
Edited by Adam D. Tarnoki (Editor), David L. Tarnoki (Editor), Jennifer Harris (Editor), Nancy L. Segal (Editor)

Tárnoki Dávid 2022, June 4 - 00:05

How twins can help us understand what makes us who we are
by Professor Jeffrey Craig MRSV, Dr Evie Kendal, Associate Professor Neera Bhatia, Dr Namitha Mohandas
The Institute for Mental and Physical Health and Clinical Translation (IMPACT), Deakin University.

We are writing to you to provide RSV members with some interesting new information about how twin studies have revealed unique and important insights into what makes each one of us who we are.

Tárnoki Dávid 2022, June 2 - 22:45

Identical twins Yael Yishai, right, and Avital Segel, left, pose with their newborn sons at Shaare Zedek hospital in Jerusalem, May 30, 2022. (Shaare Zedek)

(JTA) — When they were born, Yael came first, and then came her twin sister, Avital.

The twins preserved that sequence 31 years later when they gave birth on the same day on Monday to boys at Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek hospital.

Tárnoki Dávid 2022, May 16 - 23:27

Healthy lifestyle from childhood onwards may be an important factor to prevent coronary heart disease. CAD is a multifactorial disease linked to both environmental and genetic factors. A classical twin study conducted by researchers from the Semmelweis University, Budapest showed that environmental factors outweigh genetic influences in the development of noncalcified coronary plaques, which are associated with an increased risk of heart attacks.

Tárnoki Dávid 2022, March 6 - 23:19

Two sisters have left people baffled after saying their two sons are brothers, cousins and twins.

Brittany and Briana are identical twins who married identical twins Josh and Jeremy Salyers and then gave birth to babies within months of one another.

They uploaded an Instagram post of their adorable sons Jett and Jax and said they are “Cousins, genetic brothers, and quaternary twins.”

Many people took to the comments confused at how this was possible.

Tárnoki Dávid 2022, February 6 - 21:23

Sarah and Andy Justice from Tulsa, Oklahoma, were one of those happy couples who wanted to have kids more than anything else in the world. However, after years of trying to get pregnant they realized that adoption was their only chance.

Tárnoki Ádám 2021, October 21 - 21:05

A mother in California decided to help out others and signed up to be a surrogate mother. Jessica Allen already had a beautiful family of her own with her husband and their two children, so she decided she wanted to help make other couples happy who either couldn’t or chose not to conceive on their own. After choosing to become a surrogate mother and getting matched with another couple, she successfully had an embryo implanted, but something strange happened a few weeks later that would change her life forever.

Tárnoki Ádám 2021, September 19 - 22:34

After plotting to avoid taking financial responsibility for a nine-year-old girl, a pair of twin brothers have been court-ordered to pay up. The identical twin brothers attempted to cover for one another, with each claiming the other was the one who impregnated the girl's mother.


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